What is Live Casino?

Live casino is a variation of online gambling which enables players to connect to real human dealers. This is done via a live video feed which is then broadcast to the player’s computer or mobile device. Real cards, chips and a roulette wheel are used on the dealer’s end while software to make wagers and bets is used on the player’s. Players can also interact with each other through a chat option which brings a social element to the game.

Most of the live casino games on offer are run in studios which have been designed specifically to be able to broadcast this high quality video over the internet. This means that most modern data connections will be able to receive the video as it is intended, although some users might experience issues due to the unique setup of their home network.

The actual technology behind a live casino is quite complex and there are various different elements which have to come together in order to be able to deliver the best possible gaming experience. This includes the use of special cameras to capture the action and a piece of hardware called a GCU, which is responsible for encoding the video that is then broadcast. This piece of equipment is about the size of a shoebox and without it live casinos would not be possible.

There are also a number of other pieces of software which allow the action to be interpreted by the computer and converted into data which can then be transmitted over the internet. This includes optical character recognition software which is able to recognise the individual numbers on each card, as well as the sensors on a roulette wheel which detect where the ball has landed.

All of this is then streamed in real time to the player’s computer or mobile device where they can use the software to place bets and make decisions. The live dealer will then act according to the choices made by the player, just as they would in a real casino. This adds to the sense of realism and makes live casino games one of the most authentic forms of online gambling available.

A good live casino will be able to cater for players of all levels, with tables offering both low and high bet limits. Some sites will even have dedicated tables for high rollers and VIPs. In addition to this, there are often many bonuses and extras on offer from these casinos which can help boost the bankroll of new players.

Players from all over the world can enjoy the perks of a live casino, as long as they are above their state’s legal age for online gambling. It is worth checking the betting limits of each site before signing up to make sure they fit your budget. The great thing is that most live casinos are well optimized for mobile play so you should be able to access the site on almost any type of device.